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Le Chêne Vert - for carp fishing in south west France.

The Lake

Situated in the heart of the Limousin countryside (click here to find us) in an area of outstanding natural beauty, this 5 acre carp lake is still within easy reach of the A20 and Limoges airport.

The lake is fed by 3 springs which ensures a constant level and excellent water quality and temperature all year round. The bottom is made up of sand and clay and has a layer of leaf mulch. Grass carp ensure we have no weeds to cause snags.

carp lake
carp lake
le chene vert carp fishing in france lake view 2
carp lake
carp lake
le chene vert carp fishing in france lake view
carp lake
le chene vert carp fishing in france


The average lake depth is 2m, though this shallows out to 1m around some of the margins, providing a shelf where the carp like to cruise, and deepens to 3 1/2m in 2 large holes towards the centre. Several old oak trees on the banks provide cover without impeding the fishing, while natural contours in the bank provide ideal features to fish to. Click here for a map of the lake.

The lake was stocked in 2006 & 2007 with French Royal Carp, Common Carp and Czech Royal Carp to 40lb, and from what we have seen of these carp over the last few years they certainly seem to be pilling on the pounds with the lake record being 47lb Mirror Carp and 37lb Common Carp !! Not forgetting the stunning original stock of Common carp, scaterscails, and Mirror carp already here (believe me these are pure muscle and a real fight). This year we also saw a fully scaled mirror carp on the bank, see our photo gallery.

carp stocking
carp at le chene vert

We have a high percentage of mirror carp and common carp in the mid to high 20’s, with a good stock of high 30lb carp and a few lumps (biggest to date 47lb).. All of our guests have commented on the colours and quality of the carp they have caught, not to mention their good fighting ability!

We also have roach, chub, perch, grass carp and tench and most importantly NO poisson chats or crayfish!

Le Chêne Vert provides an ideal venue for both novices and experienced anglers alike. The surrounding woodland and countryside make it a tranquil place to stay and you are likely to spot our resident wildlife including kingfishers, buzzards, roe deer and wild boar. We are a perfect venue for drive and survive carp fishing holidays or for those of you not wishing to do the bivvy thing ask us about on site accommodation.

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